29 April 2016 06:20 pm
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The Luminaries stand in the meeting chamber, too excited to sit around the table. Night has fallen and soon the amber-tinged turned silver-lined Cloud swirls and forms a Halo. Tonight is the night the old conversations shared with Terminus from seven years past will be deleted. And, hopefully, a friendship started anew.

As Eosphoros and Solanaceae receive the energy and interact in turn, Aura's pupils constrict and her eyes go completely white as she accesses records in the Memoraula. The conversations appear as projections. The Luminaries take their last looks at them.

Solan's lip twinges in disgust. "You know if he wasn't so damn sincere and honest, I would think he had a long laugh about the poor, young brunette he met online and her vastly inept cybersex skills." She shakes her head and turns away.

"But you don't think… I mean, you know…" Aura says, raising an eyebrow.

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Ignis, the last Luminary to arrive, takes her seat at the table and cross her legs. "What's this about then?"

"Something Terminus said made me think," Aura begins. "He asked why we kept those conversations so long, and we didn't have a good answer."

"We didn't lie. I'm sure part of the reason is because they humbled us. They allowed us to see how far we had come from our girlish, naïve selves. We laughed at our words and his. At the fact that we engaged in a conversation about manipulating him when we hadn't yet dipped our toes in those waters. About his frequent use of that particular word…" Esoterra says, matter-of-factly. Solanaceae laughs lightly, knowing exactly what she is referring to.

"But that's not all; it can't be. We went months, perhaps even a year at a time without looking at the conversations. We kept them on the old laptop and refused to copy them to the new laptop or desktop in order to resist looking at them too frequently, in order to make it a little more annoying to access them. If they were just a reminder of our evolution, then why did we insist on policing our behavior in regards to rereading them?"

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"And you're sure they can't be improved?" Aura asks critically, observing the projections around her. The faces of the Archons of Terminus stare back at her. Eosphoros and Aura had been spearheading this little project for days now. It was intended to be done as a birthday gift, but over two weeks had gone by already. Still, after seeing his council and the way Phoenix's birthday wish had impacted him, Aura was convinced now was the time.

"Of course they can be improved! But we can only do so much. They're his. This is our impression of them," Eosphoros responds, exasperated.

"Mm, I suppose you're right. It's probably too much to have him guess who they are though."

"It's a nice thought, but we should label them. I'm not sure whether it would offend us or him more if he guessed horribly wrong."

"Do it and send them off then. We've made them. It's no good sitting on our speculations."
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